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Monday, June 24, 2013

Nigerian Dwarf Udder Update

Last week on Tuesday Bounty freshened and kidded with two very flashy beautiful bucklings.  They were precious. 

I have been watching all my Nigerian Dwarf does closely thru their pregnancy and had realized not to far into it all that Bounty was not going to make the cut for my breeding program.  She was however perfect for people who breed for the pet trade.  She was absolutely beautiful, small and fine boned and had those piercing blue eyes.  She also had papers.  So I listed her for sale the day she kidded and it was not long and I had her with her two bucklings sold.  The wonderful family that got her is indeed going to use her for their newly beginning breeding program.  They are retaining the blue eyed little buckling and selling the white one with brown eyes.  They were picked up on Saturday evening.

So now the watching and waiting on my other three.  Plenty is developing nicely.  I am very pleased with her large frame and huge udder for her first time.  Her teats are a nice size already.  She is a keeper for sure.  I just might retain a doe or buckling out of her.
 Plenty half way thru her pregnancy.

First udder ever on her as a yearling four weeks before due date.

Plenty's udder one week before due date. Not bad at all!

Milky Whey is also progressing nicely.  She also has a large and sturdy frame and great dairy character.
Milky Whey about half way thru her pregnacy.

Her very first yearling udder four weeks before due date.

I know this is a bad angle and a little hairy but here is her udder one week before her due date.  I will most likely be retaining a doe and maybe a buckling out of her as well.

Abundance started out a little slow.  She to has a nice dairy type personality.  Very nice largish frame.  She is a little more curious and adventuresome than the others. :)  Stunning blue eyes.

Here she is with her yearling first ever udder four weeks before her due date.  Not so impressive compared to Plenty and Milky Whey.

But all of a sudden she is blooming.  So I pray she will be a keeper.  I like a lot of her genetics.  Especially her dam and grand dam.

All three of these does are due in a week.  So we shall see even more when their milk comes in.  I am excited also to see what the babies look like.  I bred Joseph to all three of these and he sure made some pretty bucklings out of Bounty.  If you want to see what Joseph looks like just go to the top of the page under resident goats and scroll down to the bucks area.  He is a flashy boy and his mom was easy to hand milk.  Praying for good things. 

Happy farming,

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