Proverbs 27:27 And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens.


                                                                 Millie and Carolyn

Millie is Carolyn’s pony.  She is 12 hh and 9 years old.  She is sweet but young and tries to get away with things.  Most ponies we have had try to get away with things no matter what age they are.  Carolyn spends a lot of time with Millie.  In the mornings Zeke and Carolyn feed their ponies, get them out of their stalls, pick out hooves, groom them out and walk them down to graze in the field for the day.  In the evening they go and bring them back up from the field, groom them out again, pick out their hooves, feed them and put them up in their stalls for the night.  The kids each muck their own ponies stall every day and fill water buckets. 

                               One happy girl with her much loved pony, Millie!

                                      Dixie is Zeke's pony.  Isn't she beautiful?

Dixie is Zeke’s pony.  She is 11 hh and getting up there in years.  She is a laid back good girl.  Zeke is to heavy to ride Dixie anymore.  We offered to sell her and buy him a new pony he can ride but he loves her so much he doesn’t want to part with her.  He said he doesn’t care if he ever rides again.  He wants Dixie to stay here with him.  So he just takes good care of her and loves on her.  Carolyn is much lighter than Zeke and rides her occasionally.  I  might find someone to teach her to pull a cart.  :)

                                                             Zeke picking out hooves.
                                                      Carolyn exercising Dixie for Zeke
                                                              Dixie the sweet pony.


Buck-a-roo was gifted to us by a friend.  He is quite old and a very laid back good boy.  We are working on getting him back into riding as he has not been ridden in a long time.  The children love his rock star mane!


Peppa was gifted to us by man whose grandchildren had lost interest in her.  She is a very needy and friendly pony.  She is quite spicy in personality but safe and loves, loves, loves attention from small children.  She is very small and a sweetheart.

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