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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Potato Fries

I eat a sweet potato in one form or another almost every day.  I have so few things I can eat and sweet potatoes are one of the things I can.  But I can’t have any kind of butter , salt or any type of sweetener that often people put on them to eat them.  I have found ways to eat food that is plain, simple and tastes good the way it is with no extra things that add to my food sensitivities.

So here is one of my favorite ways to eat a sweet potato, made into yummy sweet potato fries.  Ok, I eat them almost daily. :) 

The hardest part of making them is chopping them up as they are so very hard.  No potato fry slicer will do it.  It has to be done by hand.  So it is one of my hubby’s jobs that he does almost daily because he loves me. :)
It helps to use very large sweet potatoes.  Peel them.
Chop them into fries as uniformly sized as possible.  My husband usually chops one in half lengthwise so that he can lay the flat side down on the counter to make chopping it into smaller pieces easier and more stable.

Place them all on a cookie sheet and pour a generous amount of olive oil over them.  
I use my hands and then roll them around in the oil till they are all oiled well and shinny.  There should still be a layer of shinny oil on the pan under the fries too so they don’t stick.   Spread them out on the cookie sheet till they are not touching too much and in a single layer.
Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.  Now here is the tricky part.  How long to bake them.  In my convection oven (that bakes things pretty fast) it takes exactly 26 minutes for two cookie sheets to be done.  If I have only one cookie sheet full it takes less time. (23 minutes)  It might take you a time or two to figure out the perfect amount of time.  All I can say is you don’t want mushy fries.  When baked correctly they will look a bit burnt when done and taste amazing that way.  As the burnt areas are caramelized a bit and yummy.  Actually, I even like eating the undersized burnt ones that over baked and are like charcoal.  :)  Strange I know.

Now, when we make these sometimes it sets off the fire alarms in the house for a moment when we open the oven.  Because if they were not cut to all being about the same size some will burn before others are done.  I like them in all stages of cooking so we don’t pay much attention to all that anymore.
Ahhhh, here is what I eat every Friday for Friday night movie night.  All I can eat sweet potato fries and all I can eat wings.  I have only found one brand of wings I can eat and not have a reaction to.  These are not injected with broth like most wings.  We bake them with nothing on them till they are crispy and they taste great. 
Blessings and happy farming!

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