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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Cup Runneth Over!

Ok, Yes, we are very, very blessed here on the farm.  God  is so very good to us always but I am jokingly referring to the huge amounts of rain we have gotten over the last few days.  Much needed I might add.  I have had to stay inside a lot the last few days so my house is now nice and clean.  :)  I had nothing better to do.  The above picture was taken from my bedroom deck several weeks ago.  Isn't it a beautiful view?  See how the pond is within its boundaries?  The ground was already saturated then.  Then over the last many days it has rained just inches and inches of rain.

But watching it rain for so many days made me also really want to get outside and work as the weeds are loving this rain and growing faster than my veggies.  Anyways, I decided to go down and take a look at our over flowing pond this morning.  So put on my water proof boots, that I found out were really not.  :)  And took a stroll around the lower end of our property.
      This was taken last year 2012 during the spring rains!

We live in the North Georgia Mountains but in a small valley.  We get the run off of any extra rain when it comes thru.  This has many benefits as when others are dry our water table is up.  But we also get very, very spongy wet for a while when others are just wet.  This week has been one of those times.
Our pond is usually just that, a pond.  No inlet or out let.  When we have rains like this we have wet weather creeks that enter into it as well as many springs that run this time of year.  It fills the pond to overflowing and that whole end of the property is just soaking wet for quite a while.  We have had in the past so much water running down our property that it looks like we live next to a small river for several days.  Here are two pictures of my children playing in it when that happened many years ago before we had a pool!

This is what the dock looked like April 24, 2013 during Carolyn's photo shoot we did.
This is our little dock this morning.  Floating!  That is why we have it anchored down with T-posts and chains.  For this time of year.  So it doesn't float off.  See how far the water is out of it boundaries!
                        Another view.
This is the outlet end where it over flows.  My dad has a huge pipe buried under the road as an overflow.  But it is no match for such heavy rains and run off.  This is a 20 foot wide area of water flowing over the road that goes around the back of our pond.  We have permanent sand bags in place in a row here to cut down on erosion.  I have seen baby fish going over being shared with other ponds I hope.    
Just some pictures of the area it has overflowed onto.
It is supposed to be nice the next couple of days.  Hopefully we will dry out some and I can get out in the gardens and raised beds to do some work and weeding.  :)

Blessings, and happy farming,

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