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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Antique Engine and Tractor Show

Last week was the yearly Gordon County Antique Engine and Tractor Show.  It was a pretty day and there was a lot of things there to see.  I thought I would share with you some of the neat and unusual things we saw since this is the farm blog!

Zeke was out of town with Tim when we went so these are my two oldest sons still living at home in front of a Ford.
The blue one was the Ford Feature Tractor.
This one had a cool jump seat!

Old designs are just really cool!

A pink Farmall for the girls complete with fluffy steering wheel cover!  So funny!

Cool engines.  My favorite one was the middle one.
Snapper turtle mower!  See the turtle head on the front!

Antonio loved this little tow cart.

Someone there had the back of their motor home opened up.  It distracted William for a long time looking at the motor and all the parts.  He was REALLY impressed with the size of the batteries. 

 There were a lot of tables set up with old cool engines and motors on them.

This one was really neat.

Love this old truck!

Neat engines...some of them working.

I have never seen a high tractor before like this?

 Or anything quite like this one.

It was a really pretty day to just be out and about looking at all the wonderful ways people used to farm and the equipment they invented and relied on.  Amazing really.

Blessings and Happy Farming!

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